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Remote Half Width and Section Control for John Deere Commodity Cart Air Seeders
Controlled Seeding System for John Deere 1990 CCS and Case IH 500T Air Seeders
Adjustable Slide gates for John Deere 1990 CCS and Case IH 500T
Seed Collection Tank
Air Seeders 
The TramRite Controlled Seeding Systems for air seeders can minimize seed waste, double planting and save you up to 10% on your seed. 

​The TramRite, pneumatically operated remote half width and section control can be automated with a rate or section controller through your GPS system or used with a manual control.

Four section control is achieved by seeding from both the front and rear tank.  An example is:
     Front tank seeding runs:  1-2 and 7-8
     Rear tank seeding runs:  3-4 and 5-6

A 40' seeder can be section controlled in 10' sections, considerably reducing double planting and seed waste.
GPS controlled, ​pneumatically operated Slide Gates shut off the flow of seed to the seed meter to minimize double planting and seed waste.

Tramlines may also be incorporated into the Controlled Seeding System.
Adjustable TramRite Slide Gates may be used where a partial opening of the gate is desired.  This is accomplished by adding spacers to the free rod end of the cylinder.
​Seed tower of commodity cart with Y-diverters installed.  When a signal for no planting is received, the Y-diverters acutate and divert the seed into the ambient atmosphere collector and into the vacuum line. 
​A Heavy Duty 12 volt air compressor provide air supply for the Controlled Seeding System.  The solenoid control boxes are plugged into a rate controller and allow your GPS system to control the slide gates, creating a swath control system for your air seeder.
Base of collection tank showing the input of the vacuum lines and output auger.
Controlled Seeding Systems for Commodity Cart Air Seeders
​Seed Distribution Tower with Y-Diverters Installed
The Controlled Seeding System is swath control for your air seeder, turning off seed flow at the seed distribution towers to nearly eliminate double panting and wasted seed.
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