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About Us
In 1985, Jim Lafferty work closely with Virginia Tech on a program to develop a grain drill with narrow row spacing to maximize yields in wheat. Although narrow spacing was a common practice in Europe, the European grain drills were not rugged enough for the American farm conditions. To meet this challenge, Jim modified John Deere grain drills and developed grain drills with 4 inch spacing. Then to further meet the challenge of maximum yields presented by Virginia Tech, TramRite tramlines were developed to ensure precise application of chemicals preventing lapping and skipping.

The first version of the TramRite tramlines was a mechanical, cam system that would disconnect a drive coupling on the specified seed meter. These first tramline systems were simple and robust and were used for many years. In 1989, TramRite tramlines developed electronic monitors and solenoid actuated spring-wrapped clutches to replace the cam driven system. The solenoid actuated, spring-wrapped clutches with the control monitor allow complete in-cab control of the tramline system. Many of our customers have used these systems for 15 years or more with out problems.

In 2009, Jim developed as system to precisely stop the flow of seed on John Deere CCS Air Seeders. The need to save seed was identified and the TramRite Air Seeder Shut Off Gates were developed. This system, connected to a GPS system turns individual rows off at headlands and point rows. It also prevent the broadcast of seed as the seeder is raised or lowered. 

As a farmer turned John Deere dealer and inventor, Jim Lafferty of TramRite has been able to meet the needs of farmers by developing cost effective methods for precision farming.